"I guess the explosions mean you gotta go, huh?" "Yeah." "You better be there for the snow day tomorrow! I mean it!" "…Yeah. Yeah I’ll be there, Jack." "Good. Now go kick some lizard tail!" 

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First up is some FrostedWebs for nose-nippin-fun because of reasons. This came out a lot more intense than I intended. XD; Oops. 

You have no idea how hard it is to find HQ side profiles of this little turd, lemme tell ya. XD 

Hope you like it, my liege~ 

Jack Frost was worried. He couldn’t help it. What else was he supposed to feel whenever Peter Parker, a freakin super hero, goes off to save the day? Spiderman may be many things but he wasn’t invulnerable.

Jack sighed, not really getting into the happy mood of creating a snow day in New York. It was supposed to help him keep his mind off what was really going on, creating snow was supposed to be fun.

But he changed all that.

Jack landed on the top of the Empire State Building, hanging lazily off the spike on top while looking down at the night lights of the city below him. His other hands gripped the shaft of his staff reflexively as the sirens echoed below him.

With a heavy sigh, Jack turned his face up towards the moon.

"Manny, what am I supposed to do? I don’t-" Jack cut himself off, not able to voice his fears without breaking down into tears, instead smiling up at the moon to bury the heavy feelings.

"Watch over him for me, ok?" Jack chuckled and shook his head. He was being silly. He’s the Guardian of fun, so why not have some?

Jack jumped up and called to the wind which swept him up in it’s sweet embrace, reveling in the rush of the wind in his hair, the cold of his snow, and looking forward to seeing Peter later on for their promised day together tomorrow.

"Whoa!" Jack cried out in surprise when he was smacked hard by the wind. It was like slamming into an invisible wall then being yanked and thrown somewhere else. Jack was spinning head over feet, fighting to try and right himself as he was swept away across New York, only to land with a heavy thud in Central City Park. Only the pile of snow cushioned his fall.

Jack pushed himself up to his feet, brushing the snow off his sweatshirt, trying not to let what just happened get to him.

"Wind! What’s with you! If you really wanted me somewhere, you could have been more gentle about it," he chided, despite the fact the wind would never answer although a gentle breeze urge him to explore the park.

Jack froze at what he saw, framed by the lone lamp light on the side of a frozen trail.

Spidermanwas there but he wasn’t alone.

A woman was smiling up at Spiderman saucily in a black skin tight suit and white hair. Jack recognized her as Black Cat but why was Spiderman there? Didn’t he have a city to patrol?

Black Cat pushed Spiderman’s mask up and smashed her lips against her own, pressing her shapely body up against his own.

Jack’s world fell apart as his heart painfully collapsed in on itself.

"Peter?" Jack breathed out. Spiderman jerked back in surprise looking up and finally noticing Jack for the first time. Black Cat smirked while wrapped up in Spiderman’s embrace.

Jack didn’t wait for an explanation opting to jump up into the air and flew past the cloud line.

So stupid.

Jack’s tears froze almost as soon as they appeared, falling to the city below. He let the wind rocket him away from it all.

He’d been so stupid.

"Why?" he cried out brokenly, the lights of the city he had come to love almost as much as he loved Peter became a blur of lights and darkness.



Pitch had seen it all happen from the shadows, had concocted the whole thing with the help of Black Cat.

Pitch smiled a cheshire cat smile melting into the shadows. His plan worked out beautifully.

Jack never should have gone up against Pitch.


"Jack!" Peter called out but it was too late, he was gone.

"Why do you care so much for that boy?" Peter sighed and pulled his mask down forcefully, stepping away from the woman. He felt cold and it wasn’t because of the snow.

"Because-" Peter cut himself off, unable to come up with a reason.

"Because…?" Black Cat inquired with a lifted brow drawing out her question with a purr.

Flashes of time spent with Jack flitted through Peter’s mind. Jack’s smile, his laughter, the way his blue eyes sparkled as he tugged Peter into the snow, trying to get him into a snow fight, but most of all the way Jack felt in his arms.

Why was it so hard to voice his feelings about Jack?

Spiderman shot a web out and opted to ignore the woman, pulling on the web to propel him up and into the air.

Because he loved him.

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