Just got back from Sakura con 2014! It was a blast! Friday I dressed as Hiccup and my friend Alecsy was dress ad Jack frost, one of the most amazing ones I have ever seen! <3 as you can see, we kind of Hijacked the place a bit~ ;D 
Thank you to Aaron for taking such lovely photos! 
To Dee for making the tunic, and My friend luke for asking his friends to let me use their hiccup vest when I stupidly forgot mine at home. <3

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Lines by not-gonna-fall-in, used with permission.


Here, a bunch of stuff I sketched a month ago or so and I’ve been working on lately. I don’t have anything else so i think I’m going to use them as a excuse to celebrate Easter, so, Happy Easter everybody ! ^^

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I felt like drawing a quick Hijack ;w;. Dedicated to derpfire for being the first cool Hijack fan I met through the fandom ;w;. Going to miss younger Hiccup, hold on while you can Jack!

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Simply together.

better quality here: [x]

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A little doodle for the fic I’ll See It when I Believe It by the amazing New-Endings

So hey new art blog here! I’ll try to keep it alive cause I’ve been really out of it lately.

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HAPPY EASTER YA ADORABLE KID! Could ya draw Hiccstrid and TootheoxJack Easter special?
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I don’t know why I draw that code on jack’s neck. don’t ask co’ze my mind is far away from home.

I’m sooo tired and sweating like shit monkey.

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Colored the outlines for my big sis ion, I just couldn’t resist!

The post with her original outlines {x}

I missed your art on my dashboard love!

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"Time zone"

*Hiccup Haddock

*Jack Frost

Inspired by the game : Broken Age

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