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I needed an excuse to draw gays underwater and this is what came out.
Yes the shark is Toothless ( concept by lebestiole and chiwandering ).

First time ever doing shading and lighting under the water, so you’re totally free to throw a chair at me

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I know you,
I walked with you
once upon a dream

"Remember When…"


((I was gonna try and paint something really smooth and gorgeous, but I found something aesthetic about the sloppy, scribbly look. Reminded me of a child’s fairy tale illustration.))

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Werk it~

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HEY so I watched Tim Burton’s “9” the other night, ((fantastically eerie movie by the way)) and it sparked a couple ideas for a Hijack/RotBTD AU type thing in my mind. Soooo I decided to draw a little thing for it.

Hiccup as “9”

Jack as “5”

Astrid as “7”

DeviantART (x)

Art by me


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inspired by Blink 182 MV’s After Midnight. i’m thinking of BenneFrost in Psychiatric Ward. they were put there because they saw things that people don’t normally see. it’s human Jack here ;)

so the image just happened to go along with BF week’s today theme and i’m a cheater!

bg credit: aurora wienhold

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I wondered if there really are people who just takes a spoon outside after a snow day and eat it, then I imagined Jack laughing his head off behind that person. 

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"I will carry you"


((So, originally, I wanted Jamie to be helping an injured Jack…but then Jack ended up looking drunk, so I just went with it XD))

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These two were ADORABLE! I’ve seen a few Winter Prince!Jacks before but never with a Autumn Prince!Hiccup and they were perf! One day I’ll make all the AU outfits for Hiccup :3 but if this is you let me know who you are so i can tell you how adorable you are

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I will carry you ! I will !!

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