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Mostly because I was rereading FDWR and realizing how often Jack gets in the way of Pitch’s reading/studying/training/meditating …. Silly complicated cuties …

He really did interrupt Pitch all the time. Heh. Just another of Jack’s mischievous ways coming through even when he didn’t realise - Jack’s such a ‘kid’ in that respect. Like, how children often don’t realise they’re interrupting their parents, because they’re not quite capable of awarding parents with that much autonomy. (Don’t worry, Jack gets better at it over time!)

This is adorable. I love the look on Pitch’s face, and how happy Jack is to be snuggling. Omg these cute boys, they’re adorable!!

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Like i have said, i have redo an “old” drawing,  just for fun, and because i need this to remember i always improve a little.

So yes THey look more than Jack and Hiccup right now XD ( or i hope )

so thanks to Nath and teanazi to stay with me during the livestream

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cuties for guardianoffrost who inspired me during the livestream u3u

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It’s jamie x jack anthology!^ㅇ^ and we sold it to DreamWorks Only. _ Cover by me

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There is literally no reason I drew them as monsters I just did :T

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it was a birthday gift for my friend who ships Jack-x-Jamie hard XD

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And here’s the last one for now… :D

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Just believe, okay? It’s all in here, you’ll find it someday.

A sketch/doodle that all of sudden turned serious and hijack’d. Viking boyfrands, what else?

Reference (pretty sure you all know which scene this is.) 

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