★ Dragon, stolen, clothes. (Because that would suck if they have to get back home without anyone flying over head seeing them after skinny dipping in the cove.)



H: “This is completely your fault.
J:aaand like I keep pointing out: you weren’t complaining just a little bit ago.”

Their clothes were stolen by Terrors ‘cause terrors are little jerks lol. This would be funny though. How do anatomy and things even work?? Whatever.

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Hello there! Just wanted to say I appreciate your blog (not nearly enough bennefrost on the Internet as it is). Keep up the awesomeness! Also: do you two ever play hide and seek? And, if so, how does it generally end up? Who would win?





Jamie: “After having enough of playing Hide and Seek, I acted as if I couldn’t see Jack… The end of the story: I had to comfort him for like 2 weeks and had to swear, we won’t play it ever again.”

Jack: “He was just angry because he always lost!”

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they grow up so fast.

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I've been advocating virtually non-existent ships for a long time, so I recently created side blogs to gain recognition. Feeling the frustration of very little success, I was recommended this page by a friend. My jamiecakeandotherconfections blog ships Jamiecake (Jamie/Cupcake), Blackcake (Pitch/Cupcake) & Cakefrost (Cupcake/Jack). My pinennett blog, is a Gravity Falls crossover centering Dipper Pines & Jamie (hence, Pinennett). Would it be possible for these ships to be added to the index?

I will add these to the index right away! :)

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glad to see you back, i was worried that you had left this blog

I’m still here, just trying to organize my life xD I’m filling up the queue tonight :)

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Blackgeneral Week: Corruption

I finally got a piece done for Blackgeneral Week yay!  I really tried to take my time and work on the skin in this one, especially with Kozmotis since toned/muscular bodies are not my forte.  This piece is based off Michelangelo’s Pieta because I liked the juxtaposition between the two forms.  The leash was my own addition, of course. u v u

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Hijack/Frostcup hero AU!

Jackson Overland is a masked vigilante called “Jack Frost”, Burgess (former Berk) self-claimed protector; Hiccup Horrendous Haddork III is the only son of Burgess’s mayor. He went out shopping for art supply one day and got attacked by a robber. As a result, the ‘damsel in distress’ was rescued by his knight in ‘blue hood’ and got swept of his fe-foot!

First GIF ever!

Just reread Batman recently!! :)

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reposting some hijack porn i drew wayyyyy back in 2012 so i can clean my main blog/ yakfrost

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Did this while I was watching Blackfish, poor baby whales :( 

Anyway Snowcone for the Summer! I really need to watch this movie again! 

As always here is the vid x

Also an update on my pc, guetting used to win 8 and I almost have all the program I used to have on my old pc.

Now back to the request ;)

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