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Hijack Snap-chats 



I have a headcanon that Hiccup’s not a morning person, and on his days off would love to sleep in. But, of course, if someone wakes him up, they’ll face his fury. pun not intended. As for Astrid calling Jack ‘Trash’, she obviously doesn’t mean it. It’s just tough love. 

also, sorry, never drew astrid before until now. OTL

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Jack leaves  to study  in another country, but promises that he will never forget Merida

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I actually dislike RPNAU(because people think that if Hic is a punk he should be the taller one :\ ),but I like it if Hic is still the shorter one(and uke,of course)

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This has been a while on my hard drive and I forgot to upload it

for my dearest darlings nightpounce and mira-eyeteeth

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I got upset with my old drawing style/ how I drew Hiccup and Jack.

So I went away and drew these. I will hopefully be adapting this style and way of drawing Hiccup and Jack in future art now! C:

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Remember when my blog was like, 90% these guys? I miss ‘em.

just pretend there are trees in the background, please I’m lazy and bad at art

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Ballet AU.          

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So…I’ve been feeling very sick lately. Irritable and grumpy, and I didn’t feel like eating anything. My eyes were red and swollen, my nose was runny (still is), I was hacking out my lungs and my cheeks were poofy.

I blame mugging for exams. 

My fever recently broke, so I decided on this jackrabbit doodle that pretty much says all. 

Jack got a faceful of lucky rabbit’s foot as thanks. Pretty much what I felt like doing to everybody back then. I was not a happy camper. 

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just cute dorks in winter clothes UvU

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